I'm so Blue...

Well, not really, not completely.  But my hair is a different story!  For the first time in my life, I dyed my own hair.  I figured I'd do something heinous and all my hair would fall out, leaving a crusty, infected, bleeding scalp, but my low expectations were not met, thank the Mighties!  I used this dye called Splat.  It's cruelty free, which gives me the gentle wibblies and generates much affection for the company on my behalf and the behalf all the beasties that have been spared.

The colour was supposed to be indigo, but I'm really rather happy with the results.  I like the lighter blue.  It's almost a periwinkle, which is beyond cool, considering that colour's close association with Cadmus Pariah.  

It didn't take much of the dye to do this, so I'm thinking I have two more dye sessions' worth left.  This is incredible, because it means this dye job cost me about $4.00, as opposed to the $185+ I spent at Floyd's.

Blake is taking me to see Alien: Covenant tonight.  It's gonna be him, Colby, Nick, and me.  Here's hoping I don't cramp their Millennial style.  I'm just pleased as punch I'm getting to hang out with the kiddos.  A lot of the peeps in my generation around here are too busy being sticks in the mud.  Give me Millennials any ole day of the week.  What with my hair, I'm hoping I blend in effortlessly! 

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