Triple T

About two hours ago, I began a new hobby that I'm calling Triple T. It stands for Trolling Trump's Twitter, and it's where I get to tell him exactly what I think of him, his butt-buddies, his American Taliban army in the wings, and all the other dumb fucks who brought this nightmare to life. Here are the first five tweets I have made. There will be more. I'll probably end up in federal prison, but I don't give a shit. We all need to speak out the best we can, while we still can. That said, I urger you to join me in Triple T. Even if it does nothing but bring you a little snide satisfaction, the activity is more than worth it!

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A border wall won't stop the Mexicans, because Mexicans know about airplanes.
hahahaha! Republicans don't know that. They still think Mexicans all wear ponchos and funny hats, and ride around on donkeys.