They say that home is where the heart is. If that's the case, I'm headed home no later than the 9th of May, where I shall find my heart resting in the mists of the Smoky Mountains.

At 6:30 this morning, my phone rang.  It was Janice. She had heard from the lawyer, who told her that a Tracy Evans had a $14,000.00 lien on her name, and had been so since 2009. He told Janice that he'd need my social security number to compare with his records, to verify that the Tracy Evans in question was not, in fact, me. Well, I'd already read up on Ms. Evans when I did my own documents search at the Clerk of Court's website. This Tracy lives in Boiling Springs, a town I've only visited like 6 times total. Anyway, I gave her my social security number and we hung up so she could provide the info to her lawyer.

About 15 minutes later, my phone rang again, and it was Janice, again.  The lawyer did his comparison dealio, confirming that my name is in the clear. She said that, if she could get Johnna to watch Uncle Michael long enough for her to dash up to Duncan, she would go ahead and transfer the money to my account.

Waves of relief washed over me in that instance! I continued to get ready and head in to the outpatient program, and it took me hardly any time at all, thanks to that bounce that suddenly showed up in my step! My fellow outpatient attendees were all super jacked at my good news, but none more so than I!  By the time IOP was completed for the day, I checked my bank to find the transfer of funds was in process. Tomorrow, it should be available, so I can proceed with the items I need to purchase for the move, as well as get my plane tickets and maybe even pack up one big box of my stuff and ship it on to Janice ahead of myself and the beasties.

Needless to say, I have offered up multitudinous thanks to the Paniverse*, the Goddess, Elementals, and any other unseen critters who were in attendance at my big honkin' fundage acquisition magickal working, the first spellwork I had attempted since 2009. I deconstructed my money mojo bag, clearing any stones I'd used, and scattering the herbs, roots, and wax beneath the eucalyptus tree.  I buried the bag, along with the parchment stating my intent and need, at the base of the tree.  I did the same with the herbal sachet, scattering the herbs, giving thanks, and burying the bag.  I feel more at peace right now than I have since before 2011.  And it's not just relief at now having the money to move, no, it's a deeper peace than mere relief.  It's the peace one feels when they know in the very marrow of their bones, that the path they are taking is the right one, because everything occurring whilst on that path happens at exactly the right time, or happens in spite of all improbability.  It's the peace of recognising synchronicity and welcoming it into your life.  The kind of peace you experience when you return home, or know you will be.  That is the peace I am feeling, and it is marvelous in every way.

There is a shit tonne of stuff I need to get done, and I have little time left in which to do it.  But I shall prevail! After spending two weeks barely holding myself together from stress and worry, I feel there is nothing I can't do at this time and place in my life.  Of course, I'm not stupid enough to put that to the test.


*Kind of like the One Ring of universes, the Paniverse is all verses, and the one reality that can dictate all others that reside within it.
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That is awesome news! You deserve to live in Asheville... it's a wonderful place. Luck and blessings on your journey.