Cliffs of Insanity

End of an Era


It is with great sadness that I announce
my official transition from LiveJournal to Dreamwidth.

I am currently crossposting from Dreamwidth here, but will gradually cease doing that and reserve all entries to the new journal.

I will not be deleting the Cliffs of Insanity.

There is too much history and deep emotional connection to my little haven on Teh Intarwebz. I'm leaving LJ carrying a knot of raw melancholy that seems to have replaced my solar plexus. I don't want to leave my beloved journal, but LJ policies are coloured by the current political climate, and I believe it is no longer safe, if even allowed, to freely post what I feel in my heart must be said. This transition makes me feel like a cyber refugee.Cadmus in Crimson

Thank you, LiveJournal, for 15 years of inspiration, therapy, friendship and fellowship, and so much more.

To my Tribal sisters and brothers who may read this, if you wish to subscribe to me over at the shiny new Cliffs of Insanity,
just click the picture of Tom Hardy as Cadmus Pariah here, and be carried away to the land of lunacy.  Of course, I will subscribe back, as I want to maintain contact with all of you.  You are more important to me than you realise, and I love you all very much, and have missed you during my absence.  I ask your forgiveness for my withdrawal from everything and everyone after Aunt Tudi died.  But I'm getting better and am determined to revive the blog and reconnect with you.  So, please, clickie clickie.

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For you, I did it. Just.. grrrr!! :)

Why is adding so many clicks over there, I just wanna be friends. Eesh. It's why I created an account, and never used it. LJ may suck now a days, but it's so much easier to use and navigate.

Not sure how good I'll be at keeping up on 2 separate sites of "friends" but I'll try.
Thank you for joining me here. Like I said the complete transition will take some time, so I'll still be crossposting to LJ for a little while, and will probably do so with what I consider to be important entries. I'm not as happy with Dreamwidth's set-up, but I've resigned myself to get used to it, if I want to continue engaging in free expression.