Demon Incarnate

I heard from Janice, who told me that it's gonna be Thursday before we hear from the lawyer about the house, so I went to talk to Mama about my options, which are bleak, thanks to yet another hypochristian.

So I suggested to Mama that maybe I could just stay with them for a month until I could properly sort the move, which I can't do because I have 38 cents in the bank right now. Besides, one way flights from Portland are several hundred dollars cheaper than ones from San Diego, so it would be a definite helps, since I'm gonna have to buy 2 seats in order to transport my fur babies.  

She said, "Well, I don't care, but Matt's sister has other ideas."

"What do you mean?" I asked, thinking that there just wasn't enough room, or something like that.  I'd met Matt's sister just a couple of weeks ago, and she was an extremely charming my face.  Silly me!

"Well, she thinks you're a demon incarnate because you're Wiccan."

The move is now set for the 8th of May instead of the 1st, which will allow me time to do what I need to.  The plan now is that I'm moving my stuff up with Mama and driving up as far as Portland.  Taking only my absolute necessities, I'm taking Smidge and Toby and flying out from there probably mid-May.  Then Mama is gonna ship my other belongings to me piecemeal.  This is the plan, if the house situation with Janice falls through.

I find it rather sad that Mama is willing to do that rather than fight for me, but I've come to expect little else.  I know my place. As for Matt's sister, I'm starting to realise that assholery is not limited solely to Matt.  It apparently runs in the whole goddamned family.  Fuck them.

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