Earth Day 2017

Here we are at another Earth Day, and the Earth is in more danger now than it has ever been. War is widespread, the nuclear threat seems much greater than even during the Cold War, and protections to the environment are being rolled back by those who benefit from denying our detrimental effect on Earth. I don't wonder if we, as a species, will ever learn, or will ever collectively remember, how deeply important and vital it is to honour this living being that gives us life every day. No. I have no faith in humanity, which comes as no surprise to those who've known me for any length of time. But I remember, and there are pockets of our species who do, like the Lakota. So, they will speak for us on this, the darkest Earth Day I have ever witnessed.

Earth, Mother, and Grandmother, we are speaking to you, please listen to us! We know that we are all related. We are your children, we two-legged ones, just like the four-legged and winged ones are your children.

We are all related. We are their relations, and they are ours, all children of the same mother. If we are all related to you, mother, we must make peace. Why should your children fight like this? We are all related.

Help us to make peace with each other, lasting peace among relatives. Mother, Grandmother, Earth, may we walk lovingly and with mercy upon your paths. May we make peace with all our relations.

May we wise up before our latent destructiveness ends us and many innocent Earth children, our four-legged and winged relations.

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