From 'The Goddess Companion' by Patricia Monaghan

Every action is a prayer to the Goddess. When we make a simple dinner, when we look fondly on a friend, when we light a candle, when we touch a lover - all these can be rituals to the goddess. All we need is consciousness. We must be aware, as we perform the actions that sustain us in our daily lives, that we embody the energy of the Goddess. And that we art, from choice and through strength, to empower Her presence in this world.

Thus, when we enter our car to drive to work, we become the Goddess entering her solar chariot. When we cut our sandwich, we break bread in the ancient tradition of communion. There is no action that is not part of Her grand and glorious worship. Let us live each day to full awareness of that truth.

- The Goddess Companion by Patricia Monaghan

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