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I am obviously from a burgeoning Internet Old School, particularly when it comes to blogging or social media. I tend to be honest. Some people don't appreciate that, especially on Facebook. I'm not changing anything here on Live Journal because this is my place, and I will do as I fucking please. But, as far as Facebook is concerned, if any personal matters must be addressed, I'll just link them here if they aren't full of fucking rainbow vomit. Deal?

The only problem with this is that some news may need to be shared there, in the event of some unfortunate occurrence. So, does anyone want to be my Walter Cronkite, if the need arises? I'm kind of looking at you, Michelle, xevokitty, or brujah. Any other volunteers are more than welcome and met with gratitude.

In the meantime, let's just have fun dissing politics and listening to great songs and videos on Facebook until the world blows the fuck up. When it does, I'll do my best to let you know, if you even want to, that is.

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You know where I stand with you. I do my best. Sometimes my best is not good enough. I hate where you are living and wish I could do something to get you out of there; or at least kill off the MF's who you live with. I think the man child should be taken out and horsewhipped and NOT in the bdsm way. Other than that, yeah: I am with you. I hate politics. Especially this race. I am so fucking fed up with people slaudering each other.
I am here for you, hopefully with help when you need it.
Thank you. You should have an automated email from me regarding legacy accounts. I'll be providing more as needed.
Jonathan and I call it Farcebook.

I am there to keep my Jerry Springer relations from e-mailing me their fwd fwd fwd fwd shit, but if you need me to share any sort of news with our shared groups, I have no problem with it.
He's left LJ altogether. He last updated Christmas eve. Prior to that was months and months. He had a dreamwidth for awhile, but has subsequently deleted that, too.

He didn't tell me why and I didn't ask. Maybe I should've.