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The Oldest Beatles Fan on Earth

This has gone viral, and rightfully so! The video is of superhero, actor, and party-starter Pablo Woodwood, getting a party going on the streets of Brighton, England. What's so damned cool about it, is the old woman who seriously got into the whole thing and, even though she's obviously like 150 years old, let go of her walker and started getting the fuck down. Whoever this woman is needs to be celebrated and brought as much joy as she has brought to millions of people in just a few short days. Hell, she and Pablo have put a serious dent in my Professional Misanthropy, but I'm too happy to be angry about it! Watch it and groove on the frisson, peeps. You won't regret it. And, if you know who that old lady is, please fill us all in.  The video is courtesy of Facebook user, Ezda Beevers.

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Isn't that marvelous? This is why I could never fully be misanthropic. There's just enough joy out there for sabotage.