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First Your Phone, Then Your Home

About three hours ago, the Mother Unit and I went to the Apple Store in Fashion Valley to throw in our support of Tim Cook’s refusal to cave to the FBI’s intimidation methods to break into people’s cell phones.  As we waited for the rally to begin, we got into discussion on what we should chant ‘cos, at the time, the rally felt more like a funeral.  I suggested FIRST YOUR PHONE, THEN YOUR HOME.  The people seemed to dig it, but the news crews in attendance ate it up.  They specifically requested we chant that when they began covering the rally.

Afterward, the Unit and I went by Rubio’s to get Matt some fish tacos, then by the grocery store so I could buy some ice cream and cottage cheese.  By the time we got home, the local ABC affiliate had already posted a video, and Times of San Diego had posted a news story, the headline being Apple Corps at Fashion Valley: ‘First Your Phone, Then Your Home’.

Here’s the Channel 10 news video.  The Unit and I are front and center.  I also managed some free Shriekback advertising with my ultra-groovy Shriek tee.

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