Do people still frenzy for friendsies here?

Everyone should friend Jack.  He's good people.

Originally posted by beheretinnitus at Do people still frenzy for friendsies here?
Hello, LiveJournal!

My name is Jack and I used to hang out here on the regular. I am so burnt out by the newer social media sites and thought I might return, all prodigal son-like.

I live in Memphis, TN with my girlfriend and our kids (kitty and human alike). I am a 20-plus year musician and have recorded a lot of stuff that lingers in relative obscurity.

I am also a podcaster now, with my five episode-strong music series Be Here Tinnitus. It's on iTunes - have a listen!

As you can infer, I really love music, but I also love lots of other geeky things.

Wanna be friends?
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