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A Survey I Blatantly Stole from podmeister

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Name/Nickname: Name: Tracy Angelina   Nicknames:  Dumpling, George, Reptile/Reppie, Tinhuviel, Tin, Darth Shriek


Age/Birthdate/Sign: 47, September 10, 1967, Virgo


Myers-Briggs (if you know it):  INFP - The Mediator 


How long have you had your LJ: 13 years, 3 months.


What does your username mean: It's my Craft name, taken from The Silmarillion, being the nickname Beren gave Lúthien when he first beheld her singing and dancing in the forest.  It's Sindarin for "nightingale".  I added the 'h' to the original spelling of the name (Tinúviel) for numerological purposes.  Six years after my initiation, I found my way onto the Internet in 1998.  When prompted to create an account with AOL, Tinhuviel became my online presence as well.  I came to LiveJournal in 2002 and brought my name along with me.


What is your favorite thing about LJ: It's writer-friendly, which I deeply appreciate, but my favourite thing about LJ is the people.  I have forged many lifelong friendships through the site, and I'm very grateful for that.


What is your least favorite thing about LJ: Semagic was my lifeline to the site for the majority of the time I've been here.  When I switched to Mac, though, I can no longer use Semagic, nor have I found a comparable client.  As a result, I'm not as plugged in to my friends' page as I used to be, and I have lost quite a few posts to Internet interruption while trying to post a new entry on the site itself. 


What is your motivation on Live Journal? It was originally a safety valve where I could go rant instead of picking up a gun and crawling into a tower.  I had an incredibly stressful job at the time I joined, so the medium became my primary outlet.  It also serves as a playground for writing ideas as well as socially charged opinion pieces.


Have you ever met anyone on your F List in real life? I have indeed.


Do you have a paid subscription? I have a Permanent Account.


Where do you live? San Diego, California, United States


Do you have an accent? Yes.  A North Carolina accent.


Do you have pets? Yes.  Smidgen the cat and Toby the dog.


Do you/Did you go to school: Yes.  Graduated high school and have had some college and tech school experience, as well.


Do you work: Not anymore.


Where/What do you do: I write.


Do you have more drama at home or at work: The only drama I have is where I live now.


What do you often write about: Vampires, philosophy, scientific theories, religion, social issues, music, and movies.


What else should readers know: I love you.

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