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Jennifer Lawrence Finally Meeting Bill Murray Proves Your Craziest Dreams (and Fears) Can Come True

Anyone who knows Jennifer Lawrence knows the Hunger Games star is obsessed with Bill Murray. In 2012, while promoting Silver Linings Playbook, the 24-year-old actress recounted that she’d once spotted the 64-year-old Murray at a Critics’ Choice Awards function — but was too nervous to approach him. “I just stared at him awkwardly, as I’ll continue to do every time I see him at these functions,” she told The New York Times. “He’s gonna start asking if that creepy girl is gonna be there again, staring at me.” She also once showed a Vanity Fair reporter a photo she had stored on her phone, depicting a $5 bill with Murray’s face on it. “Once I’m obsessed with somebody,” she told VF, “I’m terrified of them instantly.”

You can read the rest of the article, if you're inclined to click the pic.

I'll be over here, still LOL'ing. 'Nuff said.

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