Two Ticks on the Bukket List

It's been one hell of a day. A Day, even! I had a doctor appointment at 1:30, so I decided to get there via San Diego's fine transit system. I'd printed out my directions and also had the Transit App at the ready, in the event of some unfortunate circumstance that left my directions useless.

Oh haaaaaay, guess what? The bus was late, so I missed my connecting trolley. In a matter of 10 minutes, my directions were useless and I found myself winging it with the Transit App, which is really hard to see when the sun (fucking sun, always the sun here GAAAAH) is out.

I found an alternate route, but it was going to have me run about 30 minutes late for my appointment. Unfortunately, I misunderstood the way I was supposed to go to get to the next connection, and missed the bus that would have taken me to where I needed to be. I was about three miles away, so I began hoofing - Power Hoofing.

I called the doc and explained what had happened and that I was on my way, to please let me keep my appointment, even if it I had to be put on their first-come/first-serve list. They said it would be fine.

But I conked out about a half mile away from my destination, and resorted to dangerous activities to reach my goal - I flagged down an old dude who was about to pull out of a parking lot, and asked him if he'd just scoot me down the street for the last few blocks. I offered him my unopened Java Monster, but he told me to keep it, that it looked like I needed more than he did. He got me to my address and didn't kill me and leave my body in the desert, but at that point, I was fine with that outcome, too.

I got called back to see the doctor at the time I was supposed to be returning to the house, so my directions back weren't gonna work either. Not sure how I did it but, with the help of Transit, and the occasional shady spot where I could see my phone, I made my way back and here I am.

The things I can strike off my Bucket List are:

  1. I rode a trolley (this was on the way back)

  2. I hitchhiked

On the way back, I noticed this woman with her shirt on inside out and a throw tied around her waist.  She was talking (or singing?) with enthusiasm.  My first thought was, well how stereotypical can a situation get - a crazy person on the bus! Then I noticed a lot of people were doing it and it dawned on me that they could all be singing to their tunes or talking on their phones using Bluetooth.  So that begs the question: Did a crazy person invent Bluetooth so all the crazy people could better blend in, in public?  Everyone is chattering at seemingly thin air.  You can't ever be certain they're using Bluetooth or if they're just batshit.  Of course, I'm pretty sure this woman with the throw and inside-out shirt was not engaged in Bluetooth activities.

Despite the technology, an observant person can just...tell.
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Ha...it's kinda like the crazy dude on the bus...with the brown paper bag in his lap, that is moving it in a suggestive manner...you know it's not just a nervous twitch.

Guh. Yup...that happened.

I'm glad you got there, and got back...safely. I hope all is well in your world!

Um... EWWWWWW! I would have gotten close enough to him to vomit all over his viagra malfunction. I hear upchuck is a real boner killer.


Doing remarkably well today, considering I walked many miles under the sun with a busted knee and lower back pain that just wouldn't quit. The new med the doctor prescribed me is very effective. Because of malabsorption and frequent vomiting, I was getting maybe a third of the pain relief that was expected, so they switched me to a three-day patch. It took a few hours to ease into my system, which happened around 2 this morning. I feel like I could tap dance up hill all day right now, so I need to be careful of what I think I'm capable of doing to avoid hurting myself even more, and not realising I've done so.

I'm sorry your day was so trying! At least you had some amusement on the bus! I myself have wondered if the inventor of the Bluetooth was trying to help insane people in public?
I'm positive that I'd adore just riding the bus everywhere and letting the creeps and weirdos entertain me. I need to go out when I don't have to be anywhere at any time, and do just that. I'd take the laptop with me and journal the spectacle before me.
Putting your shirt on inside out is part of a old folk magic bit to make yourself invisible...
I'd never heard of that one before. My paternal grandmother unit used to say that people would wear their clothes inside out and maybe even backward in an attempt to ward off Witches.