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When I was still in The Pit, enjoying the interactions I had with a handful of sane music business homies, I often entertained a scenario where a snorkel of voracious, pissed-off weasels methodically skinned her alive, leaving her ravaged, bleeding form to get all manner of unwanted attention by creatures in the forest, who take their janitorial duties quite seriously.  To be honest, that’s too good for her.  Some people who are reading this post, can attest to a lot of what I’ve been saying about her since 2002, and I will attempt to communicate my memories of that. Essentially, we were at war with one another, not just work-wise, but creatively, business savvy (she had it all over me on that), and every single worldview to which each of us clung up to this very day).

This is someone who used the collective office phone to have a raucous conversation with a sales rep about she would have no clue on how to live on a $20-30K yearly budget, where all of her employees who were managing just that, listened on in disgust.  This is someone who began threatening me with termination if, for the next 6 months, I had to drop out of work for even a half day.  Aunt Tudi's doc appointments were a mess to reschedule and find other transport if I couldn't figure out how to work around the situation.  On top of that, since my cube was right outside her office door, I was always the first one she'd come to each morning to say "G'mooooooorneeeeeeuuuunnn" and pretend civility.

And she loved to stand outside my cube and laud conservatives and everything they've ever done.  One of our bitchiest fights was one night, when we were working over on promo campaigns, news came on the radio that Ronald Reagan had finally dropped dead.  The Mistress had a sad.  I said, "Thank fucking god.  It's about time that piece of shit dropped dead.  The world suddenly seems lighter and happier."  She was scandalised, and began chanting all the good things he supposedly did for America.  I shut her arse down with no mercy when I interrupted her to state that I was part Jewish and to watch a POTUS lay wreaths on SS officers graves after doing a PR tour of Bergen Belsen.  "I was glad when I found out he was losing what little fucking mind he had, and I'm glad he's dead.  I hope he suffered before the end, and I hope he's rotting in hell now."

We didn't speak for a couple of days.

Then a few months later, she was complaining about all the immigrants to me and the lady behind me, Joanie, who is Laotian.  Being appropriate is a foreign concept to the Feudal Mistress.  I let her say her self-inflated piece, which she ended by saying:  "Besides, if they want to come into this country, they need to speak its language!"

To which I replied, "Oh, wow!  I didn't know you could speak Cherokee!  Let's hear you say something."

Screen Shot 2015-05-23 at 5.24.53 AM.pngI was rewarded with two more days of peace and quiet. Before I left BMG, I purchased a special tee shirt I wanted to wear in a photograph with the Feudal Mistress. Politically, she may be a 9-volt battery, but she was pretty sharp when it came to passive-aggressive innuendo.The expression on our faces say it, don't you think?  What I want to try to write about regarding our ongoing war that ended with the day the tee shirt I bought specifically to have a farewell taken with the Feudal Mistress, leaving no doubt in her mind that the entire front of my body is screaming murderdeathkill in a mild-mannered public service announcement.  Whoever said that a picture speaks a thousand words should be honoured, or sainted, or given a So Good and True You Are, We Wish to Bestow upon Your Person, this Cliché Master's Medal of Honour.

"What is this all about?" You might ask.

Well, last night, I felt more acidic fury and frustration than I had since I left from under the shadow of my former boss' corporate serfdom.  It was so intense and long-lasting, I'm just gonna copypasta the discussions in some abstract order I hope will help you follow along with the conversation.  FB isn't nearly as linear or as convenient as LJ, which is one of the main reasons I'm posting the rant here.  I'm going to be posting them in picture format, with smaller icons you can click to see the full pic.  I hope you find that convenient and enjoyable on British Airways Flight 3825-968, en route to Fuckton-of-Reading, beginning with clicking the small images to be taken to the larger ones that everyone should be able to read.

I'm hoping everyone has heard about the Dugger puppy mill being closed down due to child molestation allegations of one holier than thou young "Christian" man, who felt compelled to violate his own sisters. At least now we know why they're having more kids - fresh meat for the kiddie porn rings.  When I read about it night before last, I was far from shocked, but my body just went cold.  It was a sense of despair, thinking that these people are close to orchestrating the coup these xtian extremists have been planning since 1979.  I wrote.  I wrote some more.  I was shaking with rage and typing like crazy person.  Below are most of the screenshots I could find, hopefully in an easily understood table or two.  Shit got real on my FB.  I was loving it, too.  Sharing thoughts, opinions, and experiences with one another will help us understand what it's all about a lot quicker than some Yogi floating over a nail aimed at his arsehole.

Shit got seriously real on Facebook yesterday and into today. Here's one of the conversations that was going on simultaneously.
ss1.jpg ss2.jpg
ss3.png ss4.jpg
ss2.png ss1.png

And then there was this one, which was pure madness on the parts of all involved.  I was numb after things began to simmer down.
Even More Shit Getting Real on my Facebook
ss15.png ss16.png
ss19.png Screen Shot 2015-05-23 at 1.20.50 PM.png
Screen Shot 2015-05-23 at 1.21.12 PM.png Screen Shot 2015-05-23 at 1.21.35 PM.png
ss21.png ss22.png
ss23.png ss24.png
ss25.png ss26.png

Honestly, I haven't felt this Sithly in a way too long.  Maybe the Duggars are good for something after all.

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One of our bitchiest fights was one night, when we were working over on promo campaigns, news came on the radio that Ronald Reagan had finally dropped dead. The Mistress had a sad. I said, "Thank fucking god. It's about time that piece of shit dropped dead. The world suddenly seems lighter and happier."

"I was glad when I found out he was losing what little fucking mind he had, and I'm glad he's dead. I hope he suffered before the end, and I hope he's rotting in hell now."

I bet you're one of those who claims to be "tolerant", right? LOL!

How I love to see leftists spew their hatred and show their true colors! Know that you WILL give account to Christ one day for your filthy words here. (I hope you repent before then.)
You're really cute when you pout. Thank you for caring enough to share your opinion. As for my repentance, or anyone else's, for that matter, I'm pretty sure it's consistent in the writings, excluding extremist theocrats, that that repentance will be between myself and "god."

I'm guessing you're a fundamentalist or evangelical at this point or say you are, but I think I remember correctly that one of the tenants of the Lutheran/Fundamentalist Movement was that the relationship was personal between oneself and one's relationship to a Deity, thus the schism in the bride between Catholics and non-Catholics. Please try to keep up with that rule book you don't follow along with, all the politics that has and is shaping it today, and either embrace it, and say howdy to your new extremist buds in Daesh (no doubt you deserve one another), or try out a real attempt at empathy before it gets handed to you in the worst way you could possibly imagine.

And again, the pout is adorbs. Keep it up.
"you WILL give account to Christ one day for your filthy words here"

Er... No she won't. For a whole heap of reasons which I'm sure you won't be able to understand. Suffice it to say that even the Bible acknowledges that the Christian god doesn't have authority over everyone, hence the first commandment.