After Decades

iTunes just played a song I've been hunting for for almost 20 years, without being able to remember the composer or title of the piece, except for the word "Gypsy".  I had it on a cassette that was nothing but Romani-inspired Classical pieces, which I found in a bargain bin in Camelot Music in 1985.  The tape broke around 1990 and I had long since lost the case card, so I couldn't remember one flipping thing about it.  This song…this song was incredibly influential in the forging of Thiyennen Vathyella back in 1986.  This, an assload of Antonín Dvořák​’s works, and traditional Klezmer music.

The last time I tried to find the song was about mid-2014.  I could hear it in my mind and, at one point was intent on translating it to keyboard, 'cos I used to be able to play things by ear.  My hope was to record myself playing the song - badly - and share on social media, in the hope someone could identify it for me.  I couldn't get to the Unit's keyboards, though, because *hoard*.  It was only then I became resigned to never finding the song again.

It's been on my iTunes for fucking years and I didn't even know it!

What's so bizarre is, I was sorting through some paperwork having to do with Thiyennen at the time the song began to play.

That’s some Six Flags over Synchronicity shit right there, I kid you not.

Without further ado, I present the undeniably Vampiric Danse De La Gypsy by Camille Saint-Saens.

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Took a little while, but I tracked one down. It is a fun piece of music :-)

(I'm just annoyed by the corporates who decide that people can't listen to music in certain countries for sales reasons.)
I know, that sucks. One way around that is to use Chrome Hola. It doesn't always work, but most of the time it does! That's how I've been able to watch Gadget Man.