Mine? Mineminemine? Mine? Mine?

Mail just arrived, and with it came this.


I hate I couldn't afford the special box set with the 3-D fish, but I've been blessed with a lot of wonderful and inspirational music over the years, with the promise of more to come, so I really can't complain.

I'm looking forward to listening to Thee Caretakers' bonus disc to hear what dark sorceries Carlo Asciutti and Bruce McRae conjured. From looking at the images on the sleeve and CD, I'm already convinced it's going to be a strange, wild ride. Thee Caretakers have proven more than once that they're irredeemably certifiable.

If you haven't already nabbed a copy of Without Real String or Fish, I advise you to not tarry. I don't think it will be available forever, not in CD form at any rate, and you really must have a physical copy in the event of escalated world war where we're all cut off from one another. Click this pic to order the new Shriek, and don't forget to add the bonus Caretakers disc, as well.


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