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Shriekback - Recessive Jean

Today, Shriekback released a second video, this time for Carl Marsh's genetically-enhanced tune, Recessive Jean, from the band's new album Without Real String or Fish, which will be available starting 4 March.

From Shriekback's 13th studio album, 'Without Real String or Fish,' released on 4th of March, 2015 Visit: and sign up for the newsletter! Also be sure to take pics to show you're sharing this and other vids and news having to do with Shriekback and our new album. We're keeping a list of all of you who have so far participated, and will send a bulk mail out to everyone on the list at the end of our campaign to get the word out! Any pictures or screen cap that will get you on this list should be sent to To learn more about Shriekback's offer to fans who help promote the new album, go watch the announcement:

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