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Shriekback Limited Edition Box Set, Part Two!

From the band as seen on the Shriekback Tumblr blog:

Limited Deluxe Fish-Box Redux

ok then

after the (slightly startling) success of our Limited Edition Fishbox last week we were-it’s fair to say- innundated with the plaintive entreaties of anguished pilgrims (some of them long-standing supporters and friends) who had for any number of perfectly valid reasons, failed to respond in the less-than -24 hours that they (the boxes) took to sell out.

We, here at Shriekprods, were then presented with a something of a dilemna:

If we make some more, we would: please all those disappointed people,make us more moneyget our, it must be said, very beautiful art object to a wider audience

however, we might also make those who bought a limited edition feel legitimately short-changed since the object has become a bit less limited than at the time of purchase.

This is the sort of thing you do when you don’t have much previous in Record Company World. With hindsight, we would of course have Done Things Differently.


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