Jeff Lynne

When Your Idol Gives You Props


I haven't seen Jeff's Grammys performance yet but, when it comes to ELO songs, I can most definitely read lips. So there he is, Sir Paul McCartney, singing Evil Woman from the audience, and I can only imagine how overwhelmed Jeff Lynne is at that moment, or he will be when he sees it later on.

Sure, he's worked with the band that pretty much changed his life, much to my delight, since they changed mine as well, by proxy. He may come across as matter-of-fact about it, up to a point, but I just know that, deep down inside, in his heart of hearts, his soul just wants to pop like a swollen tick from the mere thought that he became friends with his idols. My heart swells right along with him. This picture makes me happy in every way. It makes me want to hug Sir Paul for such a gift, which he may not even realise he's giving. It's the implied statement, saying "I see you, I hear you, and I not only like you, but I also approve."

It's the Master sharing a bowl of tea with the To-Dai. And Jeff Lynne deserves that, and so much more!

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