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Well, holy moly...

Toby had his second visit with the doc today, this time to take chest x-rays and see why he's boot-scooting. It turned out he had some kind of scabby bump on his butt that is obviously itchy. They cleaned that out and double-checked his anal glands, but they were good to go, since I express them myself. I took a stool sample to be tested to rule out any parasites. I doubt he has any, but it's always best to be sure.

The doc said that the x-rays looked good and prescribed Toby a cough suppressant to help him. It won't be completely ruled out that he has a lung or heart issue, though, until the radiologist looks at the images. Hopefully it'll be okay, because I'm pretty close to being wiped out for the month, and it's only day six.

Veterinary care in Southern California is insane. It does not pay to have ill beasties in your care.

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Aww, well, I'm glad he's okay for the moment. He's a fighter! He'll do what he can to be the wily, frisky pooch you love him as!
He's an asshole, but so am I, so it works. I got a message from the vet right before 5 PM, telling me the radiologist had gotten back to her about Toby's x-rays. There may be a problem, but I won't find out for certain what it is until either tomorrow or Monday, 'cos I got the message five minutes after 5 PM, when they closed.
What a cute meme picture! Hope he's feeling better soon! I dropped $500 at the vet in Dec. I hear Ya on the cost! Yikes! AW
Glad you like it! I hate the name 'Toby', so I began throwing in the occasional 'Toblerone' and he took to it like water. Even though 'Toby' will never be replaced, he answers to Tobelerone, Rone-bone, Buddy, and recently Scooter. Is your baby doing okay after December?