Can't Stop Writing

Pik-Chahzz Ketchup Two

Even though I have some Really Important Shit to address here shortly, I'm still caught up in these pics. Consider it a mental health break. We all need them at one point or another. And another. And another and another.

Not one of mine, though I wish to fuck it was. I don't think I'll ever get tired of laughing at this one.1797967_10154691194345721_3396226227213675746_n

There will be more Pun Husky images here.  I think this dog is brill.

Just read through it...  Trust me.

Not mine.  I'm not that smart!

A screen cap from MC Mr. Napkins' song, Spelling Bee.  Yes, I realise the caption is misspelled. Just watch the video beneath the image to hear why.  It's been told that very angel wept blood when Zach Sherwin (formerly Napkins) cut his hair.  Or maybe that was just me.

The cutest reptile on the planet.

This is what happens when Pablo Neruda and JRR Tolkien meet in my brain.  The verse is from a Neruda poem, and the image is an artistic representation of Luthien Tinuviel dancing for Morgoth.

This came from the official Hellraiser page on Facebook.  I find it more than a little amusing.

Back in the 90s, Comedy Central had a bumper ad of the Staten Island Fairy.  I always thought it was hilarious.
He was this wirey, hairy dude in a pink tutu, holding a wand, and he would say in a thick NY accent:
"I'm the Staten Island Ferry.  Ya wish is my command.  BING!"

This pic was my attempt to recreate the hilarity, since I have yet been able to find the original advert.

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