Shriekback - Nemesis

Fascist Theocracy

Frank Zappa's lucidity in this clip from an episode of Crossfire that aired in 1986.

The entire show is presented here, if you have the time to view it.

The ruse of protecting children and families was one of the first steps the right wing took in dismantling the US constitution. If Zappa were alive today, I think he'd probably reel with horror at the sorry state America is in. Unfortunately, intelligent and insightful individuals like Zappa are dead, whilst aggressively stupid hate-mongers like Pat Robertson are thriving and living in luxury at the expense of the sheeple.

It makes me want to vomit.

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Zappa was an absolutely genius, and it was a damn shame he died so young. You're right; he'd be horrified at where we are today as a nation.