Creem - Before and After

I'm posting these primarily for ladyana5, with whom I was discussing images on the Internet. I figured I'd make it a separate post to keep the band current in search engines, because Shriekback. The first image is the unaltered scan from a Creem magazine article that was printed during the Big Night Music period. You can click this image or the Photoshopped one to see them at the original size.


When I began work on the old Shriekback Digital Conspiracy site, I had never used Photoshop. The Father Unit gave me his version, whichever the latest was in 2000. Even though I'm still horrible at Photoshopping, I'm a thousand percent better then I was then. Behold the smeary rock where the lettering used to be! Horrible, horrible manip...


This is one of my favourite pics of the band. The only way it could have been better was if Carl had been in the shot. I will make note here that this image actually inspired an entire chapter in one of my books. A picture has never played a role in that kind of inspiration before, and it never has since. As I'm more auditory when it comes to Muse activity, I don't see it happening again, but I will never say never. You just can't know such things.

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Ah yes! I see what you mean now. I did the same, made some calenders for a fandom, sucking totally at photoshop in some of the pics. Ugh. But yes, I am better now, but I don't think I'll ever have a talent for it. :D