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Satanic Temple to the Rescue


This picture, which will take you to the Satanic Temple's website if you click it, may get some people's panties in a bunch, but I'm expecting the ones who take offense also support public land being used to provide citizens with religious messages, statues, displays, and so on, but only as long as the messages are xtian.  Because of the high probability that those who frown on my opinions here are the perpetrators, even if expressed passively, of the destruction of American society, and I really couldn't care less if I hurt their tender feelings.

What is so glorious about the Satanic Temple's method of exposing this blatant hypocrisy is that they present logical arguments that can't rationally be refuted without the objectors relinquishing their religious privilege or coming across as the lunatic fringe extremists that they really are. The Temple also provides proof of the double standard theocrats have long enjoyed and employed to their benefit, via public records, laws, amendments, and so on, presenting to the government at the center of whatever religious spat is currently heating up all of the documents that support their claims and requests to take part in true religious liberty. They do this in a methodical, rational, objective way, which sadly seems alien, given the insanity the xtians have inflicted on the US for decades. This ploy is just pure genius, because when the xtians come in direct conflict with the Satanists in any forum that is easily accessible by anyone, they invariably look like the fruit loops they really are, in contrast to the calm, collected, professional demeanor of the "bad guys."

In addition to all this, the Satanic Temple has been able to editorialise our current society, highlighting how truly fucked up America is, mainly because of efforts on the part of our American Taliban to erase the lines that separate Church and State. Also, from what I understand about their ideology and religious observances, they are furthering their own spiritual evolution on the path they have chosen by doing all of this. As I said on someone else's timeline a few hours ago, who better to play Devil's Advocate than an organised group of actual, practicing Devil's Advocates? What's even more hilarious is the fact that the theocrats are directly responsible for disseminating the Satanic Temple's message by making underhanded demands for so-called "religious freedom." When jackholes get their arses handed to them by people employing the very tactics said jackholes have been perfecting for decades, a can of Red Bull gets its wings.

...and I cackle with blissful abandon.

Unfortunately, another outcome of the Satanists' push, is for the fundamentalists to double down on their claim that there should be a state religion. Anything to keep those baby sacrificers and middle eastern terrorists at bay.

Not that I'm opposed to their efforts.
True, but the xtians (not Christians) fail to understand the analogy of holding sand, that the tighter you try to keep it in your grasp, the more it slips through your fingers. People on the fence about the Church/State debate, will be more inclined to side with the group who has the best and SANEST argument.

WIN. :)
I checked out the TST website and noticed that they seem....rather amazingly sane.

In fact, I had to double-check with a couple other friends to be sure it wasn't just my brain being extra-wonky that day.

I'm highly amused that TST's using the fundies arguements against them. :)