Blood & Ink Interview

dferguson, the word sorcerer who maintains the blog, Blood & Ink, put on the virtual thumb screws the other day, and had me answer a few questions.  This was the direct result.

DF:  Why write about Vampires?
TAE:  I write about Vampires because I was raised on a steady media diet of vampirism, thanks to watching 'Dark Shadows' in my playpen whilst the mother unit toodled about.

(click pic for full interview!)

While you're at it, explore the blog.  Derrick is a fantastic writer and reviewer, so I'm sure his insights will tickle your fancy.
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I commend your professionalism in this interview! You were concise and though provoking. I would have a hard time not sounding like a silly fangirl at certain points! _heehee_
I've had years of practice in cloaking that, and still usually just humiliate myself worse that I would have, had I not just given one flying fuck and said what was really on my mind: :D