The Rhythm of the Heat

That's the title of a Peter Gabriel song, but I'm certain anyone who may read this knows that speck of trivia. What does a Peter Gabriel song subject line mean, though? What does it reference?

Drumming and weather. That's pretty much it.

Later on this afternoon, we're supposed to go to a drum circle. I'm not sure if we're attending the Rainbow Family event in Balboa Park, or heading up to Carlsbad for their brouhaha by the beach.

Whichever one we're going to, I'll still be wearing short-sleeves and sandals with no socks. This is not post-Thanksgiving weather... I've been messing around with a new theory about Southern California and its inhabitants: The area is deeply influenced by alternate opinions, artistic expression, political leanings, and a general rabid hipster/purebred Hippie world view. Why? People gotta stay busy putting the spice usually provided by interesting weather back into a pretty boring, uneventful meteorological yawn-fest. This is the kind of weather most everyone seems to adore, but it's ever single fucking day! Perfect spring/summer weather can be safely assumed when you open your eyes each day. The only way to mark today as being different from the others, is to shake things up in the sphere of your influence. Going to drum with the 'natives' is a perfect way to overcome meteorological apathy.

A while back, when I mentioned once having and playing a bodhrán a few years ago, Matt grew quite curious about it, so much so, he ended up buying a bodhrán! Using a pretty good intro I found on You Tube on how to play bodhrán and achieve "rolls" or "triplets", I showed him how to start slowly and focus on loosening your grip and your wrist as you increase the rhythm. He feels like he will be unable to play the bodhrán, but I think he did pretty well. We'll be taking that along with the djembes and other percussion when we head out later.

Sometime in December, I think, the Rainbow Family is organising a weekend camping event in the desert. Even though I have zero camping gear, I would still love to go to this, mainly to escape the light pollution and be able to see the cradle of creation that is our Milky Way. I don't care what crawls on me, I want to see the Milky Way!

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So, has this happened yet or are you still in the planning stages? I hope you do get to view the Milky way and all else there is to see.
With my having surgery on the 11th, I'm not sure it's gonna happen. Matt seemed hellbent on going.