Oh No...

I drifted off to sleep earlier and actually dreamed, which is a rare occurrence these past few years. This dream was disturbing, though because, although it was not explicit, it was certainly erotic, and I haven't gone there in years.

The evening sky was stretching out, and I was in no shape to travel. He invited me to stay overnight, on the sofa, and I gratefully accepted. It seemed like no time had passed when I opened my eyes to complete darkness. It had to have been the middle of the night by then. I shifted to my other side, when I realised that I wasn't on the sofa alone. Once my sight had adjusted to the lack of light, I could see.

He was there, resting his chin in one hand, looking at me with no small amount of amusement shining in his eyes. He leaned toward me, and I could feel and smell his breath right against my face.

"It has been far too long," was all he said, and I started out of my nap.

Heinous Fuckery Most Foul is afoot, and I don't appreciate it one damned bit.

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