The 80s. Some points to bear in mind...

Here's the latest offering from Barry Andrews. It should be of distinct interest to those of us who lived through those heady, crazy-mad Eighties Days.

Youth Culture -what a thing it is. Spawned entirely of the consumerist west and still only about 60 years old. Multi-faceted, endlessly sub-dividing and proliferating. Fabulously lucrative. Alternately despised and worshipped* and now -and most germane to our topic- subject to new nostalgias.

There is undoubtedly a point in your life -and we’re back in the realm of the Defining Moment here- when you are as close to Youth Culture, it’s codes and taboos, it’s shibboleths and prohibitions, as you will ever get. At that proximity -or that level of magnification- you can see the minute gradations of Cool/Un-Cool in their full complexity and subtlety. And, thus perceived, they become enormous in the mind.


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