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Shriekback's Jam Science Finally on CD!

As any Shriekback fan will tell you, this is a big deal!
Thirty years after it's initial release on Arista Records, who never bothered to issue it on CD, then later discontinued it, making it an extremely rare, difficult album to find, Jam Science is now available through the Shrieks' website store. The album is remastered, with included bonus tracks. It is packaged with the never-before-released recording of the famed Hatfield concert. There are only 500 of them so, if you want one (and, trust me, you do, whether you know it or not), you need to click the picture to buy it.

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You can order it through me. There was a dude in South Africa who couldn't use PayPal, so I fronted him the fundage. Barry sent the CD directly to him from England, and he's mailing me a check for the money. I'm certain the same arrangement can be made for you, if you wish. Email me at susperia5 on ze Mighty Yahoo!, and we'll get this show on the road.