I lifted this from purplehez. Thanks, chiclet!

As you begin this survey, what is the current date and time? 30 August, 2014 3:05 PM Pacific.
How has your day been so far? Okay. Nothing to write home about, which is good, since I'm at home, and that would just be redundant.
How are you? Are you okay? I just thought I’d ask, because people don’t always bother to ask. Better than I have been in a while, actually.
If you’re NOT okay, what’s wrong? I'm wrestling with a little bit of writer's block right now.
The last time you left your house, where did you go? I went to the doctor and dentist on Thursday.
Are you wearing anything blue? Nope.
What tinned foods do you currently have in your cupboard? Cat food.
Who was the last person you yelled at? Why? The Mother Unit, so she could hear me. The woman needs a hearing aid.
Do you know anyone named Graham? Yes, I do.
Are you sitting next to anyone? Yes, Smidgen and Toby.
How many girls do you know named Alison? I don't think I know any Allisons.
Do you dislike the last person you Facebook messaged? No.
Who was the last person that sent you a Facebook friend request, and you ignored them? Why did you ignore them? It looked like a spam account.
Is there a certain person that you only have to think about, and you automatically smile? Four of them.
Do you dunk biscuits in your tea/coffee? Biscuits as in cookies? No. Flour biscuits with butter? YES.
Who is your favourite person to have weird random conversations with? MeShel'le
Does it bother you when someone goes offline without saying “bye”? Nope.
Is there anyone in your group of friends that you don’t completely trust? If so, why do you feel that you can’t trust them? I've noticed a trend where they kind of take financial advantage of you or, by way of you, your friends. And they do it very subtly.
When was the last time you used a computer in a public place? About two years.
A random fact about the person you like. They adore Bollywood.
Do you prefer to do the asking out, or be asked out? How about neither?
Is there anything happening soon, that you’re NOT looking forward to? The Horribledays.
Have you forgiven the last person that broke your heart? Sith don't forgive and don't forget, but I am civil with him.
Are you home alone right now? If so, where are the people you live with? Negatory.
What colour was the last towel you used? Red.
Are you planning on getting drunk anytime soon? No.
Are you a chocoholic? I adore chocolate, but I can do without it for very long periods of time.
Name the last 5 males you talked to, outside of family. Matt, Paul, Barry, Alan, and Boba.
Name the last 5 females you talked to, outside of family. Kat, Megs, Ginny, Mary, and Neith.
Did you ever have an imaginary friend as a child? What was his/her name? I had an imaginary dog on an imaginary leash. I can't remember his name.
What’s the date and time now? 30 August, 2014 7:15 PM Pacific.
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What colour was the last towel you used? Red

Before or after you used it?