Thank You

If you are seeing this post, you are counted amongst many people who embraced me three years ago this month, as well as all of you who've stuck by me since then.  I may be abrasive, contrary, stubborn, and generally unpleasant, but I try to never be ungrateful.  So, thank you.

"The most important thing is to say a huge thank you. What an insubstantial way to express something so big, but thank you all the same. Your compassion made the bleakest moment of my life strangely inspiring too.” — Click to continue

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*hugs* Love you, even if you are a prickly pear. :) Glad you're still here.
I am glad to call you friend. I am also glad that you have let me in to your inner circle. I still hope that one day we may meet
If I wasn't such an anti-social, socially awkward hermit I'd drag you all over SD. *hug*
*hugs* You're welcome (and the link's wonderful).