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The Pain Doctor and Good Jewish Food

Today, I went to see my pain doctor, who had the results of the MRIs of my back and right knee.  It turns out I have a severely herniated disk in (I think he said) 5th lumbar.  He’s looking into getting me an epidural, as well as some restorative injections for the right knee.  The shot for the shoulder is still waiting on approval.  He gave me meds and is having me come back next week.  Also, he’s arranged to have me do aqua therapy.

I really like him.  He comes across as just a D00D.  The only time our interaction rankled me was his mention of my weight.  I quickly informed him that I had just recently been diagnosed as hypothyroidic and that I’d gained approximately 20 pounds in two months.  But since I’d been on the synthroid meds for the past two weeks, I’d lost 5 pounds.  He sorta backed off that topic when I made it rather obvious that I knew my shit and was trying to deal with it accordingly.

I took the Mother Unit to D.Z. Akins for a late lunch.  I tried out their lox and cream cheese omelette with a side of cottage cheese.  The portions where huge and wonderful, so I’ll be enjoying the meal two or three more times before it’s all gone.  The closest thing I ever got to well-made Jewish food in SC was Temple B’nai Israel’s annual bake sale, and IHOP’s cheese blintzes.  D.Z. Akins is to die for.

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Home now, and half crippled from being out for so long.  Here’s hoping sleep will be agreeable and visit me tonight.
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