Cadmus Ink

The Crib

I think I remember something that happened when I was still in my crib.

I remember standing against the crib, my hands wrapped around the protective slats/bars/whatever they’re called.  It was night, and it was dark in my room.  But something, or someone, was walking down the hall to the room I was in, and I was terrified.  I think I was in hysterics, because I recall crying during this period, but another associated memory indicates that I could have been laughing, that this was a game my Parental Units were playing with me.  I need to ask the Mother Unit if she remembers doing anything like that.

This is all the memory I have of it.  I don’t recall seeing the Units or having contact with anyone at all.  I just remember seeing the shadows in the hallway and on the wall, and I was thrown into a panic.  Was it a night terror?  A dream?  A false memory of something else that my logical mind has been unable to properly process?

I don’t know.

The only thing of which I am certain, is that the experience was bone-chilling and has stuck with me for going on 45 years.


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I have a very vivid memory of being in my cot and waking up from a nightmare about nightmares, looking back at my mattress and seeing what looked like a large squashed spider where I'd been lying. I remember my mother getting out of bed to come to me. I have a number of memories from around that age, mainly flashes of imagery rather than events, but that one's always stuck with me. Given that my children also have strong memories from when they were tiny, I don't think it's likely to be false at all.
Do you, really? Well, that makes me feel less crazy now. Thank you for filling me in. It's always cool to find out you're not alone.
Yep, I really do. I always think it odd when people say things like you don't remember anything before you're 4 or 7 (depending on who you speak to) because I most certainly do. The only one that I think is a false memory is my friend and I flying in an oversized paper aeroplane that we made. I know we definitely made an enormous one but I think my brain filled in the rest... I would have been about 5 for that one.
I don't remember much before the age of 5, but then I had a lot of physical trauma that my little mind probably blocked because of the pain. Mostly medical stuff. But, I do have obscure flashes that I think are memories and given the events that I associate with them, I would have to have been less than 2. So, I think remembering is all up to how emotionally strong it was for you at the time. The mind is such a strange thing!