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More of the Dubai Scene from My Current Project.

"I did not want to rescue you, you know," Orphaeus said quietly, his eyes never straying from the tapestry of stars above them.

"Nor did I ask," came the terse reply.

"But you are part of a story greater than all of us. From the Memories of the Tarmi, I know that humanity has never walked this planet without being sheltered by that wiser race. You're that last link to a bygone age, and I fear that the human species would be nothing but simple animals without that cord connecting them to your people."

Cadmus cut his eyes to the ginger Vampire, taking in his vulpine profile as the lights of Dubai illuminated them both, even from their lofty vantage.

"Humans are worse than, as you say, 'simple animals.' You are a mindless pestilence who have done nothing but the will of the Apostate."

"And you didn't?" Orphaeus asked, turning to face the Pariah, locking eyes with him.

"Being created for a purpose is a far cry from being duped into villainy. At least I broke free of it, whilst millions of your herd still faithfully adhere to the lies they have been spoon-fed for centuries. If you think the salvation of humanity will somehow manifest in me because of my lineage, you are more of a fool than I thought. The world deserves to be cleansed of your infection."

"But what would you do for food, Cadmus?"

"Perhaps it is time for humanity to learn what it feels like to be bred for certain traits or supposed attributes. Like dogs or cattle. Perhaps you should experience the joy that can be found on a factory farm. My home still has many empty rooms just waiting for more pets to drain. The collars hunger to be clasped around lost souls' throats. And I am all too eager to make that vision reality, for that is a human's only possible use to me."

Orphaeus felt the coldness of Cadmus Pariah's words coil in his spirit. How could a being who clearly had had an angelic finger rest upon his brow, despite the brutality he had suffered over the years, be so consistently vicious? He knew that he would never be able to answer that question, and Cadmus would never volunteer his own theories, if he had any. Still, the awe of him also stirred within the Swan's heart. Even Cadmus' homicidal nature was resplendent in its totality and perfection.
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