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Shriekback Are Immortal

Here is your chance to be Musical Crusader! First off, I have to say again that Shriekback are coming out with a plethora of out-takes, alternative track, and what not. Here's what Barry announced in the Shriekback Facebook Page.

9 hours ago
BA's two solo albums 'Stic Basin' and 'Haunted Box of Switches' as well as Shriekback's 'Sacred City' will soon be available to pre-order
on itunes. Release (download only) on Aug 31st.

In the meantime, here's a list of other Shriek-related goodies which can be on Shriekback's Facebook page that will be coming to us in August. released. Please let us know what you'd like to see..

'And, if I Refuse?'
(BA very early stuff: post XTC, pre Shrieks demos)
'Midnight Calliope'
(mostly BA film and dance incidental music)
'Demonstration/Neu in Berlin'
(acoustic (94-6) Shrieks outatkes from Naked Apes..)
'Hatfield Live'
(pro recording of 84? gig. Hooligan stuff.)
'Secrets of the City'
(BA and MB tunes for dance piece 95)
'Two Live Shows'
(very early bootlegs of -er -two live shows in UK)
(outatkes, demos ad rarities from the early 80's)
'Having a Moment'
(Shriekback's mini-album from 2002)

(thanks James Burke for some titles and comping)"

Here's a sample of the some of the songs that will be on 13.

You may also want to follow their Twitter/Facebook/and Tumblr (tumblr is famous for pics, if that's your thang.

Please spread the good word that all in the world is not lost as long as these guys make music.

Watch this page, as well as Barry's Tumblr (@shriekbackmusic)
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