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I've come to a sad, but necessary, decision. It was triggered by talking with The Mother Unit and Matt about their bird friends, whose lifespans are considerably longer than perhaps either one of them have now. I asked them if they'd made any arrangements for the birds, should they die before the birds do. As far as the Mother Unit knows, no solid arrangements have been made.

I am not in the best of health, physically or mentally. Every day, the thought of what will happen to Toby and Smidgen enter my mind. I have made firm arrangements for them, though.

Toby will stay here with Matt and the Mother Unit. Toby adores Matt, and I believe Matt is coming to genuinely love Toby. They get along fabulously. Toby has never been happier than he is here, what with the plethora of cool scents and the abundance of playtime he and Matt have.

I was thinking of having Smidgen returned to South Carolina to live out her days with Janice and Uncle Michael. Janice really loves Smidgen. But my girl-girl turned 10 a couple of months ago, and I think she may be starting to have some kidney issues (I'm taking her to the vet later on this month). The trip back to SC may prove to be too stressful for her, plus, even though Janice has assured me that Smidgen would remain a house cat, I've seen too many animals end up outside, and many dogs end up in cages out behind the house. Smidgen is too old to end up outside, since she's not used to that. So, when I can, I'm taking Smidge up to meet lyfeinmyhead, and her pooch and kitty, to see how Smidgen interacts with the fur-babies. Smidgen is very laid back. She has never taken issue with any cat or dog. I just want to make sure the cat and dog are amenable to having Smidgen bunk with them, should anything happen to me.

But that's not my sad decision. My sad decision is that, should I outlive Toby and Smidgen, I'm not going to get another pet. It would not be fair to them, if I provide for them a home that they would (I hope) love, then dislocate them from that home in the advent of my death. I'd be bereft, not having a fur-child in my life, but it's selfish of me to take on an animal, who may end up suffering or being "put-down", because I died and left them alone with an uncertain future.

I'll volunteer to help the animals. I'll dogsit and catsit for people, if they need me. But I can't, in all good conscience, possibly add to the suffering of an animal who needs a home. They can all find homes better than the one I would provide. The only exception is, if the Mother Unit and/or Matt arrange for any of the birds to remain with me upon their deaths. I would do that to try to ensure them the life they've always known.
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This is a very difficult decision for any animal lover and one I am starting to face as I get older. You have a lot of respect from me for being willing to tackle this.
For a while now, I've weighed any decisions I make about any sentient beings in my life against "Am I able to be responsible for them until they or I die?"

So, I grok.
Thanks, dude. I think that as we age, we need to ask ourselves the question, "Am I being selfish in my desire to bring an innocent home with me?" Maybe hamsters or rats are in our future, eh?
I have always had A Plan in mind for any of my pets should I die before them. In fact, I am my Mom's beneficiary for her gorgeous calico baby should she pass before the kitty does. (And I will gladly snuggle her kitty as part of her and take the best care I can of Zoe-kit.)

My hat is off to you for your (very hard) choice.
AJ will take good care of your fuzzybabe.

I miss being owned by a cat.