If all goes as planned, I will be joining lyfeinmyhead tomorrow for a crazy night at some Goth club. Not sure I have any decent nightclub garb, but I do have a lot of black clothes, so hopefully that will be sufficient. She goes to dance, but I figure I'll just sit in a corner and nurse some godawful cocktail that will make me mad as a bag of cats. I doubt anyone will even hit on me, especiialy if I smile at them, showing them my "I vomited too much since 2011 and the acid ate away at my enamel" teefies. Oh well. What I'm really looking forward to, is spending time with my buddy here in San Diego, and immersing myself in all manner of Darkwave tunes.

This will be only the second time I've been to a nightclub. The first time was with Todd at a charity function for AIDS research, at the only Gay club in Greenville. I got ridiculously drunk off one - ONE - Screaming Orgasm, and made a German spectacle of myself. He declared he would never take me anywhere ever again. He was good to his promise, obviously.

Thankfully, I hold my alcohol much better, so lyfeinmyhead shouldn't be concerned with any ridiculous behaviour on my part.

I'm a little nervous about going to this club, because I'm really not very social at all, and I'm certainly not comfortable with smiling at this time in my life. We'll see, I guess. Regardless, it'll be fun to hear some good music, and who knows? I might even get to persuade the DJ to play some Shriekback.

Me <--- Ever the Singleminded Promoter.
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go, have fun. next week, do what we decided, ok?
thinking about all the fun you will have.
Clubs are an opportunity to study your own species in the wild. Have fun! Report back so this recluse can live vicariously.
Study the mating rituals of the two-thousand-teens goths. It's all writing fodder...and're cute...puke teefies, or otherwise. ;)