A Dream

Years ago, I had this dream that has obviously stuck with me. Actually, it haunts me now, even though some of the details are hazy at best.

What I do remember of it, is this:

I was at some kind of party. Some people were in masks and elaborate costumes. There was music, very calming music, not party music at all. There wasn't much talking. It was almost as if the people were communing with one another more than socialising.

I remember finding myself in the kitchen of the home where the party was being held. Everything was bright white, and there was no light needed in there, because the white surfaces emanated a light all their own. At some point, I ended up on a counter top, and this person came to me, standing against the counter, his body insinuating itself between my legs. It wasn't necessarily sexual, but I remember wanting him on an almost atomic level. He didn't have a mask on, but I don't think I ever saw his face. He leaned in and whispered, "Nightmares are the ineluctable lessons of the illuminated psyche. Do not be afraid."

The next thing I remember is lying on the living room floor with a small group of people who decided to stay the night after the party. Everyone was still in masks. Then I felt an arm move around my waist. The person in the kitchen was now lying behind me, with his face against my neck. I remained still as stone until I heard his breath even out into sleep. But I couldn't sleep. I just lay there, looking at all these sleeping strangers, wondering where I was, and why I was there.
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