The Nose Remembers...

I just lit a stick of incense I bought last weekend. I don't know what it is, sadly. The incense sticks were bought individually, and were all mixed together in the bag.

This particular scent, though, is one I remember from my days of going to Rainbows & Moonbeams, and sitting in the back room talking about the Goddess and Klingons. Not at the same time. They were the two main subjects that came up with Lady Layla and Patrick.

The scent was also very prevalent during some of the rituals at the Temple Hecate Triskele. I remember it, too, the Bealtainne I met the Harpist.

All these memories spread out over the course of several years, but have been encapsulated within a simple scent triggered in my olfactory nerve. It's amazing how the body can harbour the path to memories and, in a sense, help a person travel in time to happier days, or even tragic moments.

And sometimes, those interludes of happiness can feel tragic for having passed into the realm of bygone days that can never completely be recaptured. And all you're left with is a scent whose name eludes you, and a feeling of loss.
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