Please Help Enzora!

Created by Angela Jade Lynette Williams on March 10

Sherri's Wounded Warrior Pack is a nonprofit group founded by Veterans for Veterans to assist combat wounded, injured, or disabled Veterans of our Armed Forces who would benefit from the use of personally trained Service Dog.

I'm participating in this program where I would gain valuable life saving skills and information by training my own dog. Through Sherri's help, we've found a dog, named Enzora, who would be perfect for my needs. She doesn't have long to live, as the San Bernadino Animal Shelter is a high kill shelter. So, basically, by saving Enzora's life, she'd be trained to save mine as well.

Even with the use of vouchers and discounts, and using the nonprofit group to help, I'd still have to come up with some money initially to take care of her.

Enzora doesn't have much time, and Angela is only $40 away from reaching her goal to bring her home and save her life. Please give whatever you can to this awesome cause! Just click the picture of this beautiful being, to be taken to the Go Fund Me site.

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