Cliffs of Insanity

XJournal and Friends

I finally downloaded a client for adding entries to LJ. I miss my Semagic with great mourning, but apparently Semagic is only available for PCs.

I don't regret switching to Mac, although sometimes I find the change frustrating, mainly because I feel like a complete idiot, having to relearn almost everything.

My new client in XJournal, which is already proving to be cumbersome, quitting on me unexpectedly. Thankfully, though, it automatically saves drafts, so I'm not losing my entries like I've been doing on the LJ site.

My friend Me'Shel'le, the very first fellow Shriekback fan I encountered online way back in 1999, is driving down from Sacramento to visit with me over the weekend. I can't wait to see her! It's been a decade since we've seen one another, so it'll be fantastic to truly catch up. She should be here late Friday.

Angie may possibly be driving in from Oceanside to meet with the two of us, so we can have dinner together and yuck it up together for awhile. Who knows what trouble we'll get in to?
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Who knows what trouble we'll get in to?

I will be listening for the earthquake reports...