Landon Dunlevy

The Beginning of "Tree."

Very rough, but I kind of like it.

A stillness had manifested within Cadmus Pariah, since he had crossed over into full Vampirism. No longer did he rove restlessly, perpetually hunting for something, anything, to fill him up, gorging upon the blood of assumed innocents, and the Blood of the Endless Night. He rested within a rhapsody that only he could hear, a musical phrase of completion that had eluded him when he had been a slave to the Apostate, and a captive of a destiny that he had no part in writing.

To the untrained eye, Cadmus had always appeared at peace within his skin, drawing to him the weak and powerful in equal measure by his quiet presence amongst them. At the height of Magnificat’s reign, those who beheld his static form awash in the frenetic lights, gave themselves over without question, longing for the serenity they assumed he possessed. His existence seemed a testament to achieving tranquillity in a world that ached under the impossible weight of chaos.

But it had all been a lie. In those days, Cadmus had been a child of chaos, so frenzied in his mission to destroy the Great Hive and the Master who had so cruelly administered his twisted acumen, that the unrest that spiralled within him flung him into the spurious stillness for which so many longed.

But this was real.

Cadmus Pariah, the Plenipotentiary of the New Hive, truly rested within his own pure serenity. And it was that that drew potential disciples and apostles to kneel before him. And those were just the Vampires. Mortals went much further, prostrating themselves and proving their adoration by carrying out any missive given them by their dark master.

One such moment danced on the peripheries of Cadmus’ endless memory. He had been holding court at the Poison Rose, just as he was doing on this mild night, when a girl no older than twenty found her way to his table. She had been a lovely one, much like the lost Piety from an age ago, her pale cheeks dotted with crystal blue adhesive tears beneath breathtaking lavender eyes. He leaned over as though to kiss her, but instead he whispered in her ear.

“Prove your dedication to me,” he had murmured. “Spill your precious blood. Show them all how much you love the Dark Child of Night.”

Immediately the girl pulled away, grabbed a glass, breaking it against the wall. She leapt onto the table and plunged the jagged edge of glass into her throat. Cadmus watched her life fade into the aether surrounding them, but still she stood, her blood running down her stockings, and pooling in her boots and onto the table. People were screaming and milling about in the confusion. Someone dialled 999 on their phone, shouting for emergency help.

As the dying girl sank slowly to her knees, Cadmus stood and placed one cool hand behind her neck, kissing the last of her goodbye before directing his attention to her open throat. He only gulped down a couple of swallows before the flow ended.

It had been glorious.

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