Maul - shit

Mother of God

Never can I hear the TV, even the shows I hate, but have no choice, since I have no TV. It's because I have someone present 90% of the time who is giving me constant commentary on what's going on, or vocally criticising each and every scene that shows up on screen.

It's definitely incentive to just fucking stop watching TV.

Fuck it.
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Put a TV with a DVD player in your bedroom...and lock the door. ::grin::
LOL! That would fix things, but I have neither at the moment. That's the reason I'm terrorising the internet the majority of each day.
Well, shit. There goes that idea. That's all I got.
You're going to have to tell me *everything*. I haven't been around. ::grin::

Oh wow, you're opening up to one crazy-ass loon by saying that. This place ain't called The Cliffs of Insanity for nothin' you know!
Meh. I'm not afraid of you. Crazy-ass loons are my favorite people. You'd have to deal with a 12 year old boy who cracks totally inappropriate jokes and knows entirely too much, a 15 year old boy who has real issues for real reasons, currently a 20 year old girl who is amazingly wonderful even when she pisses me off, and her boyfriend occasionally. And me, of course. I'm a little nuts myself. But I'm a good cook. Oh, and the two psycho kitties.

C'mon. Join the *real* insanity. I always welcome my own kind.