Yep, I Have a Spot in Hell Reserved Especially for My Heathen Arse

So one of the many "Christians" in South Carolina had the misfortune to post this over on Facebook, at precisely the moment I'm feeling my most inciteful.

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And I was compelled to speak my mind.

Even if I'm Gay? Even if I'm not a Christian? Even if I've had an abortion? Even if I enjoy the occasional beer? Even if I've had sex and have not been married? Even if I curse like a sailor? Even if I call you Goddess, because I can't conceive of a 100% male deity? Even if I don't vote Republican? Even if I'm an Atheist? Even if I've stolen money to feed my family? Even if I play Dungeons & Dragons? Even if I believe our dominion over the earth and its animals means I should protect and cherish your creations, instead of exploiting what you've so generously bestowed upon us? Even if I actually practice what I preach all week, not just on Sunday? I'm just trying to see the small print on this letter. I don't want God's lawyers to sue me for a breach of contract. I hear he can afford the best.</p>

Kids these days...
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I picture the unvoiced response: "Yes, He does. Even if I don't."
They don't have to love us. God supposedly does that. That frees them up to hate all they want. Kill 'em all, let God sort 'em out?
The thing I can't stand...there are so many people who love to say that they love everyone. They throw out there that Jesus loved tax payers and prostitutes. But they won't do the same. Pisses me off something fierce. Like I said, God still loves them. I have no respect for that kind of person. I don't hate them, because I really don't hate anyone. I hate bad attitudes. I hate evil actions. Not people. It's just not me.
When people say "love the sinner, hate the sin," I always wonder if they can really separate the two.
*My* God says that.
Yup. I'm a Christian.
Yup. I love you anyway.
I love people because of who they are. Whether I agree with it or not is totally irrelevant.

As for that list...
I'm not gay. But I don't have any issue with someone loving someone else.
I've never had an abortion. I know people who have. Some of my favorite people.
I don't really like beer, but a Key Lime Pie Martini is dessert in a glass. ::grin::
I have had sex before marriage. (I do it now...and I know we'll never get married.)
I curse, sometimes like a sailor, sometimes not.
I think Goddess is weird, just because I've always said God.
I don't vote Republican. I vote issues, not party.
I'm not an atheist.
I have stolen, but worse, I've never done it to feed my family.
I've never played Dungeons & Dragons. Not because I wouldn't...but because it's never interested me. (IT'S A FREAKING GAME!!! Geez.)
I have no idea what you meant about the next one. LOL

And I believe with my whole heart that God still loves me. I don't think any of that makes anyone unlovable. I think anyone who can't accept people for who they are, should be smacked. God still loves them, but I have zero respect for that kind of person.
My comment above were a bit sarcastic. Many Christians believe that God loves all. Some use that as their example. Some don't. Some believe that God loves those who love him, and punishes the rest.
I love sarcasm. That's actually how I read it. And if I though God only loved those who love him, my brain He didn't love you before you became a Christian? Which kinda cracks me up. Because they can't explain that one.
Pretty much everything Jesus was supposed to have said was filled with intent to love one another.

Paul, on the other hand...