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I have been slowly coming to the realisation that, since Aunt Tudi passed, I've had an incredible difficult being as forward and woefully honest about my goings-on. That said, I can't help but feel I'm being a bit of a hypocrite, when what I'm writing is a combination dishonesty, both to the readers, as well as my own.

I'm going to try to change this, mainly setting up a journal that Dr. Harrington can read at his descretion. I doubt that many, of not any, journal entres make their way here. Honestly, I'm thinking of trawling the many entries I've made here since 2002. Maybe with this "secret;" the bird debacle will make the grade, as will this pseudo, as will my full intention to get over these problems, and turn my eyes to Paul and Amy. can help by just ache for her, and ho she's alightl

In other self-incriminating info news, I have joined a small a San Diego hiking group. Matt and the Unit wanted in on the action. So, we'll see. Five miles used to be nothing to me. I'll probably fall and bust my head open like a fresh egg.

I am also seeking out a writers' group. I need to get out of this house more. I have options, unlike in South Carolina. Despite my rampant misanthropy, I fully admit that contact with my own species could very well therapeutic.
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I think we are all guilty of this. Sometimes I feel like it is just too much of a burden to try and explain everything to everyone. Be prepared I am about to actually make a POST *gasp* and come clean about a lot of things. I'm feeling the need to kind of unload everything in my head. Haven't had that feeling in... how long?
Happy Horribledays
I we all do a crazy buffets, I'm sure the patrons would be like "WTF, I think they just blew up the Internet!"

Good for you!
Will write you more later today.

Yours Truly,

Oleander 56
Re journal honesty: I think we have different degrees of openness at different times of our lives. Most of my life I'd tell anybody anything, but by the time LJ started, I was much less so inclined. Don't know why, don't think it's better or worse, it just happened.

Re last two paragraphs: [basks in heat of thoroughly warmed heart]
Go, girl.