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I called my PCP, but she said this was in the realm of pain specialst. So I called them. They were extremely nice and quite accomodating to my needs. I get to go see them at 2 this afternoon. I'm certain I'll still have this bastard head pestilence.

Butorphanol is a beautiful thing for those of us who puke up our toenails every time we try to swallow migraine meds. You see the dilemma, I'm sure.

In other news, I'm putting together the fourth, and pretty much apocraphal, book within The Vampire Relics. The Relics only consist of three books. This fourth one, however, focuses on Cadmus rediscovering emotions he never realised he had, which had beaten, abused, and raped out of him, when I was in infant. But he despises these true emotions, preferring his Philosphical Apices, which allowed him to appear normal in public, but did not weigh him down with feelings or empathy for the work at hand.

Right now, the book is entitled The Harming Tree. And, no, it has nothing to do with the musical instrument Barry created back in the 90s. I just liked the name 'The Harming Tree.'

Currently, the characters that will be involved in the novel are Cadmus Pariah (of course), Orphaeus Cygnus, Simon Flynt, Anna Sedina (former lover of Thiyennen), and Gethsymonae (an androgynous, amorphous who may appear identical in looks like Cadmus Pariah, save for the mossy, dreadlocked, hair).

We'll see how it goes. I know for certain, it will go slowly.
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Oh yes.. I loved that drug. Stadol. It made the pain go away, but it also made me higer than a kite and made me crave the drug... Oh god did I love it. If i could still get it, I would.