Family Dog

Toby and Jeanie

I'm finally breaking my silence about what transpired between Jeannie and Toby. During the trip out here, we stopped at Jeannie's and the Unit's friend's home. The dude had two huge mastiff/pit mixes, and they were absolute sweethearts.

But this made Toby insecure, so he started pee all the places in the house where the duo had done their deed.

At one point, Jeannie was in the kitchen and happened to see Toby squeeze a few drops on the planter nearby.

She started yelling and heading toward Toby. Understandably, Toby ran to me, jumping up in my arms. He was trembling. Jeannie stood in front of me, screaming that he needed to be reprimaned for wetting in the house. Her friend tried to explain that he was just being a dog, an insecure one at that, and he didn't mind. It wasn't a big deal. Of course, I cleaned up the mess.

Toby didn't like her from the time they came to pick us up to the time I hustled him into the new digs. The trip was pretty much unimpressive because of the rift, and because I will always side with my asshole dog. So, that said, I hope you accept my apology. So I'm ranting about all of it yesterday on Facebook.

My current short-tern dream is to to find that card-carrying bitch (yes, she has a card that permits her to be a bitch) jz drop her into a condom-infested area of the Pacific Ocean, where tons of dogs suddenly deside to join her, nipping at her prophylactic scrawny-ass body.

Yes, I'm still a Sith. I will always be a Sith.
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animals first, always
No one, NO ONE has the right to harm or otherwise terrorize an animal. I don't blame you for your dreams!
Don't blame you. I would've gone nuclear if someone touched my cats.