Cartilage and Crap SC Doctors

I went to my new orthopaedic doctor today. Before he even took x-rays, he surmised by just examining my right knee, that I had some serious arthritis problems. Then he took x-rays and showed me how I had zero cartilage left, and that I was probably a good candidate for at least a partial knee replacement right now.

This is after the doctor in SC told me that he didn't think I was in much pain, and that I could probably wait for a knee replacement until I was 50, if I even needed it then.


I was just recently diagnosed with spondylosis, which is affecting four discs in my back. Since the doc in SC proceeded with my left knee replacement because the severity of the degeneration was "beginning to affect my body alignment," I'm pretty much of a mind that I wouldn't have spondylosis now, if the SC doc had done his fucking job sooner than he did.

So yeah, I'm in a bit of a foul humour.
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SC doctors.
After 6 years going from specialist to specialist before a fibro diagnosis i feel your pain. I did two round of physical therapy for no apparent reason. I'm sorry you're having to go through it but you're far from alone.
Re: SC doctors.
I'm so sorry. Someone needs to do something about the crap health system in SC, I swear.