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WTF, Health? Where Didst Thou Go?

I've been back home from the doctor for about an hour. I had to go get the results of my liver scan and blood work.

The good news is, my liver is fine. It just has some wonky levels, but that's not a result of anything malignant.

The freaky-ass news is, the rest of my is fucked up. Apparently, I have a kidney stone in my right kidney. My anaemia is worse, and my calcium levels have not risen. She wants me to have a colonoscopy and upper G.I. to see if I might be bleeding anywhere. She also wants me to have a gynecological exam, since my menstrual cycle is, at best, inconsistent.

Aaaaaand, I have spondylosis, with disc narrowing in the L1-L2 and L5-S1. This would explain the general crap feeling I get when I move…like, around. Also, she said it would explain the incontinence I've been experiencing for the past couple of months.

She is referring me to a gastroenterologist, a gynecologist, and a urologist, for all the tests she wants me to have, and she wants to see me again in six weeks.

Looks like I continue to follow in the mighty footsteps of my family, what with our glorious genetic wellspring of good health. ::makes with the oogly-boogly face - this one: o_0::
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Yay about the liver, omy with everything else! It sounds like you have a great doctor, though, which definitely helps!
I totally sympathize with the back thing. My L4, L5 and S1 are all blown, most likely from work, but also my dad has back problems, too. Back pain sucks major booty.
Is there anything they are doing now for the kidney stone, or is that treatment slotted for when you see the urologist? Curious, if you were a cat you'd get special kibble, heehee.

Actually, Smidgen just said the same thing! But she added that, if she had that special kibble, she'd definitely share with me because she loves me. ;)

Yeah, the urologist will tell me if I need to do anything about the kidney stone. Dr. Denysiak wasn't even going to send me to a urologist, until I told her about the insane incontinence I've been experiencing this past month. Even though she thinks the spondylosis is the cause of the extremely uncomfortable and embarrassing experience, she wants to make certain that the stone isn't a contributing factor.
Sucky news. I hear you about the back pain... that really sucks.
Yay good liver! *hugs for everything else* Ugh I feel ya on the kidney stone. I've had em before. I passed a couple in my life (once as a teen and then later in my 20's), and then with the latter one the x-ray showed there were a bunch more and I had to have them zapped because there were so many. I'll be wishing you the best. all sounds icky, except for the "good liver" report.

Yay for the good liver...

the rest can eat a bag o' dicks.
It appears that you have an excellent doctor. Better to know what's going on than to wonder. Here's hoping that the specialists can nail the problems down and provide treatments that are both easy to take and that make a real improvement in the symptoms. Looks like you're in good hands. Sorry you're feeling so lousy. Once they can get your blood up to where it should be, you'll feel much better. Anemia is like dating a vampire. Why does that seem so appropriate in your case? Stay positive kiddo.
Sorry for the belated response. I don't get alerts like I used to, and I'm still trying to figure out how to change that on this Mac. It's like learning a foreign language by being thrown out of plane to land in the busiest public square, filled with people who are chattering at you in an alien tongue.

Anyway, thank you for your kind words. They mean a lot, and I mean that.

As for dating a Vampire, well...
I know this is like months later but....

As a fellow ankylosing spondylitis sufferer, you have my sympathy...

....I also have information that might be useful in regards to that. If you're interested, inbox me a working email addy and I'll send you details.
Re: spondylitis
I have nothing to hide: Please put the word "LF family, spondylosis." That way I won't delete you as spam.